What are we up to?

HOLOSTAR IS AN INTERACTIVE HOLOGRAPHIC MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM EQUIPPED WITH with a computer, tv screen and a touch screen display.

This system was invented by Robert Majhen and the rights for selling  it are held by Lucera d.o.o.Business Incubator, realized by the Croatian Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the City of Ludbreg.

Why is this important?

By renting or buying Holostar you are directly helping startup entrepreneurship in Croatia. The largest part of the revenue goes back into the business sector and is used for financing the activities of incubated companies. For now Lucera - business incubator works with 7 incubated companies.

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The body of the Holostar system measures 1,9 m in height and around 150 kg in weight.

For more information on hardware components, click HERE.

The software for the system is developed separately. Whether you  need an animated presentation, multimedia content or a game, we can meet your expectations thanks to having over 20 years of experience in developing complex internet and offline applications 
( Green vector ) .

Once the application is installed in the system, it synergizes with the holographic images that are displayed inside the holographic pyramid. That means that each product/concept in your presentation can be visualized as/accompanied by an appropriate 3d holographic projection.


In addition, with simple hand gestures your visitor can rotate, enlarge and control that holographic image. 

This kind of rich user experience helps build brand awareness.


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